About The Collection

Set against a fictional backdrop of the Samurai Fairy, the collection from the modest fashion brand, Faspiration is imbued with wonder and mystery, serenity and dynamism. The tale, which borrows elements from classical heroic quests and medieval lore, is an allegory for female empowerment and environmental sustainability.

This ready Couture collection draws inspiration from a thoughtful interplay between the feminity of a fairy and the heroism of a samurai creating a distinctive range of silhouettes within the norms of modesty. Through collaborating influences from a traditional tale of a warrior and extracting the essence and beauty of a fairy, the designs are inspired from a simple color palatte of white, grey , black and tones of red. Combined to create contemporary silhouettes that include ruffs, wide leg trousers, structured kimono jackets with intrinsic construction, pleats and frills crafted from various fabric textures like taffeta, tule, lace, embellished with hand embroidered rose motifs sparkle with crystals and beads.

This Collection was showcased at Arab Fashion Week 2017 - 5th Edition